LBCA provided the gift cards this homeowner needed so that he could purchase tools and materials to rebuild his home after Hurricane Sandy.

For the past 19 years, Lbca has been assisting families in financial crisis in the Long beach school district. The financial stress a family experiences when dealing with an illness or catastrophic event is immeasurable. We strive to improve the lives of our residents that often do not qualify for assistance, but suddenly must deal with a crisis that requires compassion and temporary financial relief. This year LBCA also assists with tuition expenses, rent, mortgage, and utility bills.  We  continue to offer relief with contracting costs and advocacy for homeowners still struggling to rebuild after Super Storm Sandy and have helped multiple families whose parents are battling cancer and unable to work. We need your help to continue our efforts.

How does the charity find the families in need?

Our charity works directly with social workers from the Long Beach school district. The social workers submit summaries of families in crisis and then committee members determine, based on each family’s circumstance, how much financial help will be granted to each individual family. We also receive calls from first responders, religious leaders, coaches and other nonprofit agencies that seek assistance on behalf of families they believe need our help.

How are funds dispersed?

Our organization does not distribute cash. After verifying information, payments are made directly to the payee.  For example, a delinquent utility bill would be paid directly to the utility company.